Electronic Tape

Suggestion for OEM EPE foam bags
Material: high grade new material, SGS Rosh certificate is avaliable, Environmental friendly
Width: from 0.2-1.8m
Length: <600m
Thickness: 0.5/0.6/0.8/1/2/3/10/15/18/20mm or as requested
    • PVC Electrical Tapes

      PVC Electrical Tapes

      PVC Electrical Tapes is made of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) film as the base material, coated with rubber adhesive. Electrical tape also called PVC electrical insulation tape or electrical insulation tape or PVC tape . It has good insulation, fire resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance and...

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    • Thermal Conductive Tape

      Thermal Conductive Tape

      热导电胶带是由高的性能nce acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with high thermal conductivity ceramic particle coating made of glass fiber cloth on both sidesor without the substrate.Between the electronic device and heat sink to provide efficient heat conuction....

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    • Double Sided Thermal Tape

      Double Sided Thermal Tape

      Brief Introduction: Thermal double-sided tape make of thermal PSA having a better adhension and efficient thermal conductivity. Mainly be used in LED industries,Metal industry,Printing industry and ect. Features: 1.Various thinkness available 2.Stable performance,economic cost 3.Super good...

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    • Self Amalgamating Tape

      Self Amalgamating Tape

      Self Amalgamating Tape is designed for insulating and protecting joints and terminations of rubber and plastic cables operating at the voltage of 1-20 KV. which is also for insulating and sealing joints of telecommunication cables with the normal working temperature up to 90 °C.

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    • EPR Tape

      EPR Tape

      EPR Tape is a self-amalgamating ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) tape, used on solid dielectric cable for electrical insulation and jacketing in splices up to 69KV and for building stress cones in terminations up to 35KV. The tape comes with a separator that is removed during the taping process....

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    • Silicone Fiber Glass Cloth Tape

      Silicone Fiber Glass Cloth Tape

      High Temperature No Residue White Fiber Glass Cloth ElectricalTape For Coil Wrapping description of Silicone Adhesive Glass Cloth Tape : Glass cloth tape with imported glass cloth as the basic carrier, and coated with silicone adhesive. It features excellent temperature...

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    • Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

      Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

      玻璃布电工胶带玻璃布电Tape is a white glass cloth tape with a high-temperature thermosetting silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed for use in 600-volt dry location applications motors, and transformers with and without varnish coating. Glass Cloth...

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    • Platers Tape

      Platers Tape

      FEATURES: Flexibility with strong retractility . Strong tensile strength . High voltage ,moisture resistance . Flame retardant . Weather-resistance. Non-deteriorating . APPLICATIONS: Electrical wire wrapping. Connecting ,insulating and repair. Electronic industry. Cables repair, wrapping and...

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    • Electroplating Tape

      Electroplating Tape

      ADVANTAGE: Used for holding & fixing the accessories of refrigerator and home appliance. Excellent tensile strength and heat-resistance. Complying with ROHS/halogen standard. Competitive price. High quality. Standard length: 30M/50M/60M Feature: 1.Polyester backing reduces stretch and...

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    • Fiberglass Teflon Tape

      Fiberglass Teflon Tape

      Fiberglass Teflon Tape is made from heavy PTFE coated fiberglass that has been coated high temperature pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side. This premium tape which has a heavier PTFE coated can provide a smoother surface with enhanced durability compared to other PTFE silicone...

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    • High Temperature Teflon Tape

      High Temperature Teflon Tape

      PTFE tape also known as Teflone tape, which takes imported fiberglass and added PEFT film to make out a high temperature resistant tape. It has smooth surface, and has super sticky,chemical resistance and excellent insulation performance, which is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic,...

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    • Clear Mylar Tape

      Clear Mylar Tape

      A mylar tape is originally known as BoPET tape which means Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate. It is a polyester film made out of extended polyethylene terephthalate. Its important properties are its high tensile strength, dimensional and chemical stability, reflectivity,...

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